Cash Converters debuts in Dubai

Used goods retailer Cash Converters has opened its first store in Dubai.

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the franchise store’s customers can sell unwanted goods, buy used items from the store or secure an item with the store’s layby option. Customers can also use the consignment option whereby the store sells the item on their behalf receiving the money once the item is sold.

The Cash Converters business model in Dubai is based largely on the buying and selling of furniture and white goods. Spread over two levels the new store features a children’s furniture section, musical instruments, electronics and jewellery with the whole of the ground floor given over to the large stock of furniture.

“The used goods business is not new in Dubai, however the concept of being able to buy and sell used goods through a store is,” said Fabrice Le Boulenger general manager Cash Converters Dubai. “Cash Converters is a unique retail concept in that the public are both our customers and our suppliers.”

Le Boulenger said that the location of the store was an important consideration when setting up in Dubai. “Our show room location on Sheikh Zayed Road will be a key to our success. Situated close to densely populated expat areas we expect our accessibility will make us a popular buying and selling hub.”

Since launching in Australia in 1984, Cash Converters has built a network of over 600 stores in 21 countries worldwide.


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