UK retailer plans launch in Gulf markets

UK-based retailer FurnitureInFashion has announced plans to launch stores across the Gulf region.

It said in a statement that it plans to open shops in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai in the next 12 months.

The company said it is already working on launching its first flagship store in Dubai and is looking for an “ideal location” from which to sell living room and dining room furniture.

Asad Shamim, owner and managing director of FurnitureInFashion, said: “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new flagship stores in the Middle East.

“FurnitureInFashion has been performing remarkably in the UK and it is the success of our company that we are now expanding our business operations in the Middle East.

“We are going to expand our catalogue gradually in these countries by offering modern furniture and uncompromising quality.”

FurnitureInFashion recently also announced the launch of new showrooms in some major cities of the UK including London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester and Bristol.

FurnitureInFashion said it is looking to establish partnerships with local companies to launch in Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Shamim said: “We are looking for partnerships with furniture companies in these countries where the host companies will provide us with space and we will provide the stock to them.

“We have already asked the commercial property owners to contact us if they are interested in providing us space by forming business partnerships with us.”

He added: “FurnitureInFashion is already working with a large network of affiliates and drop shippers. Given the storage capacity and business opportunities, we will also welcome affiliates and drop shippers from these countries to work with us.”


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