Municipality issues guidelines for shopping malls in Dubai

Shopping centres will be fined Dh1,000 each day if they flout new recycling regulations that are expected to come into force by February 2013, said a senior official at the Dubai Municipality

The initiative is part of a series of programmes aimed to increase waste recycling and reduce waste going to landfills, and is part of Dubai Municipality’s efforts to promote sustainable and integrated waste management in the emirate.

“Shopping centres will have to pay a fine of Dh1,000 per day if they do not provide the bins for waste collection as stipulated in the guidelines.

“The community is being reminded regularly on how precious our environment is and now people expect opportunities to act in a sustainable and environmental-friendly manner wherever they are,” said Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of the Waste Management Department at the Dubai Municipality.
“The scheme will create a chance for people to act according to the facts they are aware of and this guideline will practically guide them to live environment-friendly with a ‘recycle-reuse-reduce’ slogan,” he explained.

The guidelines request the management of shopping centres to form a recycling team, headed by a recycling coordinator, who has a good understanding of the centre’s operation.
Apart from having a recycling coordinator, an individual from maintenance or housekeeping, business owners and waste service providers would be part of the team.

Saifaie further pointed out that the scheme will help minimise the amount of waste being sent to landfills and recover valuable materials that can be processed into new products.

“We want to encourage less reliance on [raw] materials in the manufacture of packaging, and [this will provide] financial benefits over time as materials are diverted from landfills into recycling,” he said.

The guidelines, which were released yesterday, also state that cleaning workers should receive special training in segregating waste, and that all shop owners in the mall are responsible for setting up separate bins for different waste streams, including rubbish and recyclables.

Each bin will have designated colour codes for different waste streams with clear labels, and awareness programmes will be provided to shoppers.

“The recycling bins should be strategically located with simple and easily understandable signage, so they will be black coloured for general waste and green for recyclable items,” said Saifaie.

The recommended sizes of the bins are between 120 litres to 240 litres and the signage should be in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.


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