Superdrug sees 62% increase in annual operating profit

 Superdrug said that make-up and beauty sales rocketed 11%1
Superdrug notched up a 62% rise in annual operating profit in 2015 as shoppers lapped up the retailer’s increased offer of designer fragrances.
Profits rose from £38.3 million to £62.2 million and sales grew 5.4%. Like-for-like store sales rose 6.6%.
Superdrug, owned by A.S. Watson Group, said that make-up and beauty sales rocketed 11%, driven by an expansion of its range of designer fragrances such as Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.
The company is also reaping the benefits of several in-store services, including eyebrow shaping, nail treatments and Glitter Lips, a sparkly lip treatment. This is on top of travel vaccinations and nurse clinics offering weight management advice.
The firm said that it will open more than seven new stores this year to add to its estate of 787.
Peter Macnab, chief executive of A.S. Watson health and beauty UK, said: “We have had a strong year and are pleased with the company’s performance.
“Looking to the future our strategy remains to offer customers everyday accessible health and beauty, giving them the products they are looking for at great prices, in a vibrant store environment.”

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